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Main page / Tourist Office Of Veliky Novgorod, The Non-Profit Partnership
Tourist Office Of Veliky Novgorod, The Non-Profit Partnership

Red Izba Tourist Office of Veliky Novgorod, Non-profit Partnership is the first tourism office in Russia established in May 2001 by the Administration of Veliky Novgorod and leading tourism businesses of the city that present 158 tourism facilities in Novgorod region. The idea of the Tourist Office has been developed upon the model of one in Strasburg city (France) with the assistance of French experts in tourism.

The Tourism Office acts as an information, marketing and coordinating tourist centre in tourism, culture, mass media and publishing.

The Office aims mainly to support tourism development in Russia; to form a single tourism information database; to provide information for promoting regional tourism in domestic and abroad tourism markets; to assist the increase in tourist numbers and duration of stay in Veliky Novgorod; to provide all the facilities to hold further staff training in tourism and services.

Structure of the Partnership
Administrative board

The President - Vladimir Bobryshev, mayor of Veliky Novgorod

Olga Vasileva, the chairman of the committee of tourism and foreign relations of the administration of Veliky Novgorod

 Marina Lebedeva, CEO Of MBI Red Izba Tourism Development Centre

Evgeniy Rodionov, Vice Chairman Of The Committee Of Tourism Of Novgorod Region

Natalya Grigoryeva, CEO of the Novgorod State United Museum

 Irina Kormanovskaya, CEO of Saint-Petersburg State University of Service and Economics, Novgorod Branch
 Vladimir Bobryshev, CEO of «Napoli» LLC

 The audit commission:  

1. Pavel Y. Burban, CEO of  FSUE «Novgorodian AeroGeodetic Enterprise» (AGP)

2. Maria N. Kravchenko, President of Novtourinvest LLC.

3. Inna R. Stolbova, CEO of Stif LLC. 

General meeting:

Administration of Veliky Novgorod
Novgorod State United Reserve Museum, Federal State Institution of Culture
NovtourInvest LLC.
Intourist Novgorod LLC.
Sloboda LLC.
Napoli LLC.
Happy Land Ltd.
Praktika Consulting Company LLC.
Sadko Hotel Plc.
MBI Red Izba Tourism Development Centre
Econom Apartment Hotel
 Rodnichok, Russian Interregional Charitable Non-profit Institution
Park Inn By Radisson Veliky Novgorod
Na Torgu Art Gallery LLC.

Planet-plus LLC.

Novatsiya LLC.

Pinta LLC.

Novgorodian AeroGeodetic Enterprise FSUE
 Novgorod Сhildren Music School, Children`s Additional Skills and Activities Municipal Training Centre
Sadko Tourist Agency LLC.
Casaverde LLC.
Volkhva Tourist Agency LLC.
 Berg LLC.
Imperial LLC.
Sergey Mikhailovich Pershin Sole Proprietorship
Novgorod Branch of St. Petersburg State University of Service and Economics
State Museum of Arts and Culture of Novgorod Land

Executive director - Isak Freydman

Informational resources 

Tourist Informative centre

  • Providing free information about tourist proposal of Veliky Novgorod in office;
  • Phone hotline for tourists «Infoline» in Russian, English, German and French;
  • Voluntary mobile informative tourist service;
  • Tourist maps;
  • Annual magazine «Official city guide book. Veliky Novgorod» (circulation - 40 000 copies)

Internet – resources

  • Information tourist portal «Veliky Novgorod for Tourist» ( in Russian, English, German, French.
  • Research and information electronic tourist bulletin RED IZBA NEWS in Russian and English.
  • Electronic catalogues of tourist resources in Russian, English, German, French: multimedia disk «Veliky Novgorod – Hansa city»,  multimedia disk «The Novgorodian land»;

Educational projects for citizens

  • Video clips in minibus taxis (Information is updated weekly);
  • Audio block of information on bus-stops «Novgorodinki. Travelling along the streets of the city» (Information is updated weekly);
  • Monthly publications in a local magazine «Service 08»;
  • Monthly publications in a newspaper « Prices. Veliky Novgorod», head «Tourist leaflet».

Publications for professionals of tourist business

  • Catalogues of tourist resources, image booklets, advertising leaflets ) in Russian, English, German, French and Finnish;
  • A brochure « Novgorod the Great – a motherland of Russia »; Hansa brochure in German and English;

Partners: FSUE «Novgorodian AeroGeodetic Enterprise», the Committee for Culture, Tourism and Archiving of the Novgorod Region, «Travel advertising» Ltd., «Antares» Ltd., Information service unit «Navigator» Ltd., The Novgorod State University, Novgorod Branch of St. Petersburg State University of Service and Economy, JSC «VympelCom» (BeeLine GSM), CJSC TV-channel «TNT- Triada».


Municipal budget institution «Tourism Development Centre «Red Izba»Лого Избы_рус

In February, 2009,  on the base of  Non-profit Partnership «Tourist Office of Veliky Novgorod» Municipal autonomous institution «Tourism Development Centre «Red Izba» was established. It is based on the best traditions of business and Office’s experience. «Tourism Development Centre «Red Izba» operates in the sphere of tourism, culture, mass media and publishing activities. The main goal of the Municipal autonomous institution «Tourism Development Centre «Red Izba» is assignment realization of local government authorities of municipal unit – urban district Veliky Novgorod  for data support implementation of toutist resource promotion, the objects of which are on the  territory of Veliky Novgorod, on domestic and worldwide tourist markets, aimed at assistance in increasing the  number of tourists and excursionists and the duration of their stay in Veliky Novgorod;

1. Pavel Y. Burban, CEO of  FSUE «Novgorodian AeroGeodetic Enterprise» (AGP)

2. Maria N. Kravchenko, President of NovtourInvest LLC

3. Inna R. Stolbova, CEO of Stif LLC

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