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Veliky Novgorod - the city of Hansa

For the first time Russia welcomes guests of the International Forum “Hanseatic Days of the Modern Age” to Novgorod itself. Due to the leading role of Novgorod – the birthplace of Russia – in relations between Hansa and Russia, the oldest city Veliky Novgorod is hosting the Hanseatic Days of the Modern Age in the year of its 1150th anniversary.

In June, 2009 the representatives of over a hundred European cities and towns are gathering together in Veliky Novgorod to present their music, arts and crafts, dancing medieval traditions. The historical centre of the city will be turning into the natural scenery of a Hanseatic fair and historical medieval market: the Novgorod Kremlin (11th – 15th cc.), the architectural complex of Yaroslav’s Courtyard (12th – 18th cc.) where everything is so medieval in spirit.

The participants in the economic congress are going to discuss issues concerning the stable development of Hanseatic cities and towns, and work out possibilities for further cooperation in economics and culture.

The centuries-old cooperation between medieval Hansa and Novgorod appeared to be an essential part of European history. It has now turned into traditions that have already provided the basis for prospective cooperation between Russia and Europe.

The International Forum in Veliky Novgorod is being held under the motto “Expanding the borders…”

See you in Veliky Novgorod!
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