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The city of arts

Great by its Arts

The art of Veliky Novgorod has centuries-old traditions. Frescoes by Theophanes the Greek and traditions of Old Russian icon painting are represented in the city’s cathedrals, churches and museums; the Russian art of the 18th – 20th cc. – incl. paintings, sculptures, drawings, furniture, bronze items and miniatures - is exhibited in the Fine Arts Museum. Works by modern painters can be seen in the State Museum of Arts and Culture of Novgorod Land, Children’s Museum Centre, exhibition halls and studios of the Union of Artists, the gallery “Na Torgu”/“In the Marketplace”.

Today Veliky Novgorod is still open for any arts.

Numerous exhibitions and open-air painting by Novgorod Regional Department of the Russian Union of Artists that has been functioning for 45 years, vivifies the city’s artistic life and attracts people’s attention to the artists. The organization unites over 90 artists, incl. 2 national ones and 4 honoured, as well as winners decorated with silver and gold by the Arts Academy of Russia. The youth section also develops in the Union. Here Let us dwell upon the most prominent figures of fine arts in Novgorod today.
The artistic image of Novgorod region is still formed by the older and middle-age generation of artists. “Elderly” ones are still working a lot and take part in the city’s artistic life. They are Dmitry Zhuravlyov, Anatoly Zavyalov, Dmitry Kondratiev, Yevgeny Sushchenya, Tamara Pestova and Viktor Trofimov. The middle - age generation that have preserved both efficiency and artistic ambitions, are more in demand in the market. Among the most gifted masters there are the graphic artist Boris Nepomnyashchy, the painters Alexander Varentsov and Galina Filippova, the sculptors Sergey Gaev and Galina Bulganina; they all have managed to preserve their artistic identity despite everything.

The young generation of painters are active participants of new initiatives of artistic groups and galleries. The best of them take part in large-scale nationwide artistic projects on a professional level. These are Bulat Yamanov, Dmitry Zhogin, Oleg Minkevich, Alexander Oligerov.  
Workshops and exhibitions display works that develop the traditions of Russian pictorial realism (paintings by Alexander Verentsov, Galina Filippova, Vladimir Artamonov, Pavel Gorodetsky) and follow the principles of decorativity. It has always been typical of Novgorodian art and, according to Dmitry Zhuravlyov, is “the unity of colour and fantasy” (paintings by Dmitry Zhuravlyov, Anatoly Zavyalov, Dmitry Kondratiev, Grigory Gorevoy, Alexander Oligerov).
Among Novgorodian masters there are some painters who tend to use folk or even popular print forms but still make serious paintings. They are the painter Dmitry Kondratiev and the sculptor Galina Bulganina. Some very young painters have also managed to fulfill themselves in art. Alexander Oligerov is interested in decorative forms and specializes in computer graphics. Bulat Yamanov tends to be more traditional in his painting; he is more interested in gentle emotional impulses. Dmitry Zhogin is attracted by expressive colours and the possibility to rearrange the world. These artists differ a lot from one another, but there is one thing in common – and it is the wish to get absorbed in art. Thus, there will be artistic atmosphere preserved in Novgorod for a long time.
Novgorodian decorative and applied art is the city’s hallmark. These are works of pottery, woodcarving, birch bark weaving, clay toy making. The traditions of Novgorodian porcelain painting have also been preserved till these days.

State Museum of Arts and Culture of Novgorod Land

Children's Art Centre

Scientific Restoration Workshop "Fresca"

Novgorod Organization of the Artists Union of Russia"

Master-classes on birch-bark weaving by Vladimir Yarysh

Artistic workshop of Elena Gorbunova - Grebennikova

Mater-classes on water-colour painting by Galina Kizhapkina

Studio on clay-toy making Sviatoslav Tarasov

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