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Main page / Veliky Novgorod - The City of Gastronomy
Veliky Novgorod - The City of Gastronomy

The first international
gourmet-festival in Russia was
arranged in Veliky Novgorod in 2012.

Russian cuisine changed greatly over the course of time, but even nowadays the cafes and restaurants of Veliky Novgorod treat their guests with both modern delicacies and dishes from the old times, made according to the ancient recipes. Undoubtedly, you will find the dish that matches your tastes, even if you prefer Korean, Chinese or Mexican cuisine.

The ancient Novgorodian cuisine reached our times through literature. From the chronicles and old folk tales we learn about meals like “ognivo” (thick soup with fin meat), elk snout, lynx meat, roasted swans and bear paws, but those are the delicacies from wedding or noble tables. Ordinary people had simpler food. Usually, the table would have cold snacks and a pot with the first course – fish solyanka, shchi or ukha. Ukha wasn’t necessarily a fish soup, but nonetheless, it was thick and filling. Besides soups, people ate porridges, oat and pea kissels, pickled food, mushrooms, dried and soused apples and all kinds of fish.

People cooked boiled, baked, skewered and steamed fish, fried it in walnut or poppyseed oil and stuffed it with porridge and mushrooms. Balyk and caviar were commonplace, because Lake Ilmen and the many rivers that flow into it were rich with fish. Back in 18th century, people caught ciscos, Baltic taimens and even sturgeons in Lake Ilmen! It’s no wonder that fish was more preferable than meat. People didn’t cultivate a lot of vegetables – mostly cabbage, cucumbers and turnips, but they cooked so many meals with them. Turnip was the most popular and diverse. Folks dried, baked and steamed it, added it to soups and stuffed it with curd.

The Restaurants, cafes section will help you choose a place to meet your friends, dine with your family or have a romantic dinner.

You can find information on special offers in cafes and restaurants on the Veliky Novgorod Gourmet Calendar page (in Russian).

V International Gourmet Festival Veliky Novgorod will take place in the restaurants of Veliky Novgorod in November, 8-12, 2016. We invite you to enjoy the delicious holiday atmosphere! It will be a celebration of cooking! Different cultures, traditions and tastes will meet on ancient Novgorod land.

The programme includes days of national cuisine of the participating countries, workshops and national drinks tasting. The programme is to be announced. 

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