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Musical monument to S. Rachmaninoff

Within the framework of the Kremlin park development program as a zone of rest and entertainment a new project for people of any age group has been implemented.

These days in one of the Kremlin park squares, where the monument to Sergey Rachmaninoff was established in June 2009, music by the famous composer is being played. 5 hour sounding CD includes four concerts by Rachmaninoff, his versions of Paganini, piano sonata №2, symphonies and other works performed by London symphony orchestra, director Andre Previn, an outstanding pianist, the president of the international Rachmaninoff Society, Vladimir Ashkenazi.

The square at the monument is planned to become a good venue for carring out different cultured campaigns, memory days of  S. Rachmaninoff and music lessons for children and the youth.

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