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Cycle rickshaw

Since a while ago a new kind of transportation has been running around the Kremlin park. It is called «cycle rickshaw». According to the author of this idea, the entrepreneur Anton Kordin, it is a new eco-friendly vehicle for Veliky Novgorod functioning as a tourist- taxi. It appeared to be so nice to do tours around the Kremlin park and Yaroslav's Courtyard by bicycle of such an unusual construction.

Students of the Novgorod State University are work as rickshaw men. New vehicle in Novgorod has attracted a great interest and positive reaction of both children and adults. Besides, cycle rickshaws have been involved in the staged collecting of coins from the Hansa Fountain. It is the very transportation that carries the chest with city treasury.

You can go for a ride around the Kremlin park any time within a day. The price is 100 roubles.
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