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The city of the 1150th anniversary

Administration of Veliky Novgorod
Tel.: +7 (816 2) 67 68 98,
+7 (816 2) 63 42 32,
Accommodation for official delegations: Non-Profit Partnership “Tourist Office of Veliky Novgorod”
Tel. +7 (816 2) 77 30 74,
fax +7 (816 2) 73 73 42

September 19-21, 2009
Veliky Novgorod is the Birthplace of Russia. The city’s historical experience is valuable for contemporary Russia due to its traditions of democratic self-government, old economic and cultural contacts with Europe, the first centres of Orthodoxy, literacy and enlightenment, the high level of spiritual and material cultures.
Program of celebrating the 1150th anniversary of Veliky Novgorod:
  • Day 1: “Cradle of Russia”. Devoted to the foundation and development of the Russian state, centuries-old history of which is depicted on the Monument to the Millennium of Russia.
  • Day 2: “Treasury of Russia”. Devoted to the trade and economic cooperation and cultural contacts that Novgorodians have developed since old times till the present day.
  • Day 3: “Praise to Wisdom”. Devoted to the importance of Veliky Novgorod as the oldest Russian centre of Orthodoxy, the keeper of spiritual heritage, wisdom and erudition.
All the main events of the celebration primarily aim to present Veliky Novgorod as:
-                      the cradle of the Russian state and democracy;
-                      the keeper of thousand-year-old Russian culture and the oldest centre of Orthodoxy in Russia;
-                      the centre of international cooperation and trade;
-                      the open, clean and safe modern Russian city.

In the program: the grand opening of the celebration at the Monument to the Millennium of Russia, theatrical acting of historical events of Veliky Novgorod in the Kremlin, a festive procession of the city’s largest enterprises, the best dancing and singing groups, sports teams, social and youth organizations along the central streets of the city, and festive fireworks. For three days there is an Old Market revived on Yaroslav’s Courtyard, the opening of the exhibition “The Origins of the Russian state”, the archaeological exhibition “A City buried under the City”. Various festivals are being held, incl. the festival of traditional Russian games “The City of Amusement”, the sand sculpture festival “The City of Legends”, the festival of historical reenactment clubs, the ballroom dancing festival “Balls of the times of Catherine the Great”, the brass band festival, the bell-ringing festival “Golden Down Chimes”. The Park of the 1150th Anniversary of Veliky Novgorod is being officially opened (the ceremony is involving the participation of guest cities and towns). Various concerts, exhibitions, sports competitions, contests, honouring, funfairs, merry-making, games and carnivals are being held all around the city. Artistic groups from Russia and Europe are presenting modern and classic arts.
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