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This book is the first part of the popular scientific edition, prepared for the 1150th anniversary of Veliky Novgorod and devoted to the history of one of the oldest Russian cities.

In the book composition invented by the author the history of Veliky Novgorod is divided into septenaries – periods of seven years. The author acquaints readers with the basic events and characters of the Novgorod history in a fascinating way, which however meets the demands of the contemporary science. The political history is inextricably connected with the history of city, manners and customs of the Novgorodians. The important characters of the book are not only participants and witnesses of the Novgorod history, but also scientists (historians, archeologists, ethnographers), who made the Novgorod history in many respects our national heritage.

Foreword (Valentin Yanin, the member of Russian Academy of Sciences)

I have read the book «Veliky Novgorod. Septenaries of History (IX – XV centuries)» by Sergey Troyanovsky with the great interest and recommend it to everyone including professional historians as an exciting story about the Novgorod history.

This book emerged from the author’s weekly articles published from 2006 to 2009 in Novgorod newspaper and coincided with the 1150th anniversary of Veliky Novgorod. Even at that time while reading those articles I wanted to see them published as a book. I’m glad that this idea came to life.

Actually, the book by Sergey Troyanovsky tells the entire history of Veliky Novgorod with the most significant events, remarkable characters and outstanding monuments. At the same time, the author recalls long forgotten names, events and monuments, which were not covered in the proper way in scientific and popular scientific literature and didn’t become the public heritage.

The book demonstrates the complex approach to studying of Novgorod history. Chronicles are complemented with the materials of the archeological research conducted for many years in Novgorod, birch bark letters, stories about monuments of Novgorod architecture and pictural art, toponymy and ethnography data, and legends.

I’m sure this book is the great sample for the next popular science publications about Novgorod and Russian history.

Introduction (Sergey Troyanovsky):

Old Russian word «sedmitsy» (Septenaries) means a period of seven days, years or even decades. For example, the Greek wise man Solon divided the human life into ten septenaries. The idea of our project is to divide 1150 years into septenaries – periods of seven years – and count them as years of Novgorod history.

We will remember in our books about the most important events of Novgorod foretime: establishing and heyday of Novgorodian republic ruled by the Veche, oprichnina, Dark Years, provincial oblivion, awful years of the War… We will see names of famous Novgorodians, old streets and churches of the city, many of which are long gone. Closer to the present days we will look back at the recent past, which many of us witnessed. Still we remember words of Valentin Yanin, the member of Russian Academy of Sciences: «Veliky Novgorod is not old in spite of the plenty of antiquities it has».

In the Tourist Information Center «Red Izba» you can buy a book «Veliky Novgorod. Septenaries of History (IX – XV centuries)» by Sergey Troyanovsky at the price of 200 rubles.

The book is in the Russian language!

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