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Youth Tourism

Youth travel is always connected with the desire to see the whole world… Romance of discoveries, new contacts, difficult routes and adventures – this is the youth holiday, which one will remember for a long time. Veliky Novgorod is famous for its great history, architectural ensembles and picturesque landscapes. However, don’t think that only educational holiday is possible in Veliky Novgorod, everyone will find here something to liking.

You can spend holidays in Veliky Novgorod with fun and profitably, get plenty of experience and, of course, knowledge.

Watch a short video guide around Veliky Novgorod to have an idea of what a beautiful city you visit!

We present you the most interesting route around Veliky Novgorod for the youth!

The younger generation always wants to get more and more new experiences: except visiting interesting historical places, young people want to energize, to feel the adrenaline rush and enjoy holidays with friends!

We offer jeep tours for those who love drive and adrenaline. Everyone, who has a valid driver's license, can get behind a wheel of a SUV and test the track. Riding across country with different kinds of surface, water barriers, ups and downs. Novgorod track combines the properties of roads used for trophy-raids and trial.

In the Birthplace of Russia one can escape from the city bustle, spend in peace unforgettable weekend and, at the same time, get a charge of vivacity and try something new. Romantic holiday on a yacht is a wonderful gift for your loved one as well as a good place to gather with friends. Novgorod nature appears at its best, you feel the freshness of lake air and enjoy the great spaces of Novgorod water ways.

Starting from May when walking around the Kremlin Park you can hear the voice inviting you to a motor ship tour up the river Volkhov to Lake Ilmen and back. During this tour you can take perfect photos of St. George Monastery and Rurik’s hill fort, take a breath of fresh air and enjoy great river spaces. Every weekends parties aboard are held here.

Another water entertainment is Aqua Center at Health Resort Staraya Russa. Three storeys of pleasure wait for you there: aqua zone, discobar and SPA center.

For those who like adventures, mysterious places and old buildings there are many half-ruined buildings remained after the Great Patriotic War. History has stopped here. The former Soviet rocket base “Satan’s lair” was exploded by military men. Nowadays there is only the sign at the entrance to the security checkpoint, which reminds that more than 50 years ago there was the military base. You can take unique photos in front of the ruins and walk in the 20th century when visiting “Satan’s lair”.

Novgorod land has many unusual things. Camels and ostriches live here. To see exotic animals among snow is so easy! Everyone can feed cute racoons, a flock of geese and a stately camel in the farm park, which is located 14 km from the city. And at the real ostrich farm you can not only learn many exciting facts about ostriches but also try huge fried eggs right there!

We offer lazy tourists, who don’t like to go sightseeing all day long, to have an unforgettable airplane flight over Veliky Novgorod and to see the famous Novgorod cloisters at a height.

An excellent entertainment for fans of height is a balloon flight over Lake Ilmen. You will see Veliky Novgorod in its full splendor: architectural monuments, water spaces of Ilmen and, of course, Rurik’s Hill fort – the birthplace of Russian statehood.

Do you want to feel as a water racer? No problem! Rafting down the rapids of the river Msta is an excellent way to have rest. You not only enjoy the most picturesque part of the river, but also visit the solutional cave of the underground river Poneretka.

A group of friends can play paintball or laser tag. The new entertainment will not leave you indifferent: plenty of paint, fun and adrenaline.

As for those who want to keep fit on holidays we offer to visit Manezh Sport Complex. There you can go to the gym or visit fitness lessons. Moreover you can do exercises outdoors – the adventure park is good for guests of all ages!

When you decide to come down after all and see the sights of Veliky Novgorod, you should not prepare for long walking. Take a sightseeing tour in the best European traditions – by bike. You will see more interesting monuments, take a closer look at the city, and your health will be thankful. Moreover, such a bike adventure will bring you more joy and excitement.

For educational travel around the historical center of the city we offer to use an audio guide. You can take it in Red Izba Tourist Information Center!

We invite creative people to the workroom of Novgorod artists. This is the opportunity to learn how the workplace is organized and what art techniques and materials exist, to communicate with respected master, and in addition to participate in a workshop with the maestro. Visit Dialog Contemporary Art Centre to enjoy modern art with its singularity.

If you want to go for an evening walk and see Veliky Novgorod in a new light, have a stroll to modern sculptures, which continue to emerge in the city annually. If you see the unusual cabbage in the grass, put a banknote onto the cabbage leaf and back into your wallet – after that you will always have money.

Veliky Novgorod in the evening is not only beautiful, but interesting too. City theatres offer guests classical and modern performances. Theatre for Children and the Youth Maly indulges its audience with extraordinary modern vision, every performance is novelty and discovery. Visit also Novgorod Academic Drama Theatre named after F. Dostoevsky.

If the sun is already below the horizon, it is high time for you to get acquainted with the night life of Veliky Novgorod. There are many nightclubs here, which offer music suited to every age and fancy. Every Friday Night Club at Fregat Flagman offers to enjoy the atmosphere of the 90’s. Special interior leaves no one indifferent – the club is located in the ship on the Trade side. The popular place for students’ parties is Bunker nightclub, which offers its visitors to have fun all night long to modern music mixes.

Any holiday can’t do without tasty food. Nowadays culinary tourism is gaining momentum and Novgorod doesn’t stay on the sidelines! We offer you to try the unique Novgorod menu: be in the trend and support gastronomic tourism! Imperial “sulchiny”, Suvorovskaya kasha, fish stuffed with sour cabbage – all of this and more you can try in the city restaurants.

What a holiday without souvenirs! Remember to bring a famous hand-made ginger bread, tasty honey and health-giving Ivan-tea from Veliky Novgorod!

Veliky Novgorod is the oldest Russian city, and you can’t avoid the historical program. You can explore the city sights and learn more about the Birthplace of Russia on our website.

For all questions, please contact Red Izba Tourist Information Center,, +7 905 290 86 86

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