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Health care and eco-tourism

In Novgorod region there are 27 state nature reserves with common area of  491.7 acres. Among them there are 15 wildlife reserves, set up in order to conserve certain animal species and their habitat, and 12 landscape, hydrological and biological reserves, set up and managed for the protection of the unique landscapes, important basins and rare, endangered species of plants and animals.  Majority of the nature reserves is included in the list of the Russia’s key territories and have an international significance. National Park “Valdayskiy” is a main protected territory, which embraces Okulovskiy, Valdayskiy and Demyanskiy districts of Novgorod region . In 2004 the park gained a UNESCO biosphere reserve status.

According to public opinion surveys, about 80 per cent of Russian people prefer outdoor vacations. Banks of the Ilmen lake are lined with guest houses and camp sites with the most remarkable government vacation home “Valday” and the President’s residence among them. Rapid river Msta, upon which the city of Borovichi is situated, is famous with its water routes. In 20 km southbound from Borovichi you will find Opechenskiy Posad village – architectural and historical monument. Here in 1975 the collection of more than 150 exotic trees and bushes was created by the local resident S.A. Ushakov and it is still looked after nowadays.

However, the main recreation resource is still lake Ilmen, attractive for tourists in all seasons. Fishing, enjoying your stay at at Yurievskoye Podvorie or any other tourist complex, taking motor ship trips across river Volkhov and lake Ilmen to Lipno island and pike-perch sampling, yachting and even diving in search of the ancient varangian vessels – that is what the Ilmen lake has to offer!

There are also other opportunities for recreation tourism in Novgorod region . Staraya Russa is considered one of the tourists’ favorite health resorts in Novgorod region with one of the best sanatoriums of Central and North-West Russia. 
Enjoy your vacation at comfortable sanatoriums and cozy guest houses of Novgorod region !

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