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Geocaching is a travel game, the aim of which is hiding and seeking caches using GPS coordinates. It has existed for 15 years. All you need is to look up the coordinates of the cache on the website of the game and hit the road. Sounds simple? It is, but it is not enough just to get to the place you need to find the cache itself.

Caches are decided to leave in places of cultural, historical or natural value. Places are often so beautiful that you can forget about the search. But the cache is found, and you enter your own name in the notebook, which lies inside. You see other people's records and imagine other searchers. And it is even more interesting, when you find yourself first. If there is a souvenir inside, it can be exchanged for something of your own. And if you come back home having discovered the cache and are interested in the history of the explored place, the author's efforts were not in vain.

Geocaching is a lot more than a treasure hunt. There is more than 6 million searchers in the world. Together they constantly make discoveries, share emotions, come up with new puzzles and even run environmental campaigns. Thanks to the players more than 2.5 million places are marked on the game world map.

This guide (pdf.) was created to promote Geocaching in Veliky Novgorod. Over 40 people took part in creating caches, and that's what we've got.

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