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Kupala Night Festival in Veliky Novgorod
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the Ilmen Lake

+7 905 290 86 86

1300 roubles - by bus with meal option
1240 roubles - by your car with meal option
800 - children ticket

58.47102600, 31.26359000

On the night of July 2, 2022 Kupala Night Festival will be held in Veliky Novgorod. It starts at 20:00.

Kupala Night is the festival of Summer solstice, magic rites and mysteries – is one of the most favorite events among the people of all the ages. During the Kupala Night both young and elderly people make the dearest wishes and set their hopes for the soon fulfillment. The youth tend to look forward to participating in the festival with special excitement.

The program of the festival includes the rite for the fulfilment of desires, folk games, dances, glorifying of married couples, boating, midsummer porrige, Novgorod fish soup, the Arrow rite, making the Kupala Night fire, ritual round dances, rites of purification by water and fire.

In 20189the holiday takes place on the Ilmen Lake coast. You can get to this event venue by bus or by your car. Buses start from Novgorod musical school of Russian folklore (7 Bolshaya Moskovskaya street).

The cost: 

  • 1300 roubles (by bus with meal option)
  • 1240 roubles (by your car with meal option)
  • 800 (children ticket. Note that children are no older than 12 years old).
Find out more by sending us an e-mail on or phoning us on +7 905 290 86 86!

You can buy tickets to the festival in Red Izba Tourist Information Centre

Get the energy of the Sun and the Earth, water and fire, experience the generosity of the Russian soul and believe in the magic of ‘Kudesy’.

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