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"Tales of Onfim Boy", Open-Air Performance
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4 p.m.

Open-Air Scene Beside The Kokui Tower, The Kremlin

Booking in advance:
+7 (905) 290 86 86 or

300 roubles
free entrance for children under 5

58.52039600, 31.26971700

Under the shining sun on a special stage in Novgorod Kremlin a fantasy-story, based on ancient Russian myths, legends and fairy-tales, comes true.

Unique human-height dolls, lifelike decorations, cheerful songs and visual performance are parts of the musical in ancient Russian style. Ancient spirits and Gods, Baba Yaga, Leshiy, Kikimora, Volkolak, Veles-Zmey become characters of the fairy-tale and help legendary boy Onfim discover the secret of the Slavic alphabet. The creators of the performance managed to find a peculiar combination of folk and modern tunes and stage effects, which lets you feel like you are in Ancient Novgorod.

The open-air event differs a lot from historical tour or a traditional excursion. After the musical, guests will get a rare opportunity to observe local traditions and practice old Russian crafts, acquire new skills, buy souvenirs and develop creative abilities.

Craftsmen will share their secrets in birch bark weaving and baskets making, pottery, modeling in clay, traditional dolls and toys making.

Prince’s fighting men will teach you how to wield a sword or bend a bow and will take a picture of you dressed as a medieval warrior. Thrill-seekers will enjoy some old Russian games, skomorokhs (wandering minstrels and clowns) jokes and entertain themselves with ancient instruments of torture.

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