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Military-historical festival Forgotten Feat - the Second Shock Army
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12 p.m.

Tesovo-Netylsky village, Novgorod district, Novgorod region

The event «VKontakte»


58.94094900, 31.06882400

International Festival Forgotten Feat - the Second Shock Army is the largest independent military-historical event in the Northwest.

"Festival Forgotten Feat is unique in many ways", as the press secretary of the Russian military-historical society Vladislav Kononov states. "It is the only event dedicated to the soldiers of the Second Shock Army, who found themselves betrayed twice - the first time it was Vlasov and his closest associates who surrendered to the enemy, and the second time it was unconsciousness, an established public opinion that they, ordinary soldiers, are also traitors. During the reconstruction of the episode the narrow-gauge track and machinery recreated with historical authenticity are actively involved. In 1942 the most fierce fightings were conducted exactly around the same narrow-gauge railway, through which the surrounded Second Shock Army was supplied."

Every year the scale of the festival grows. It concerns the program, the number of participants and machinery involvement. Over three years there have been a lot of changes: the event became international, gained  administrative and federal support, more than 5000 spectators visited it, and about 600 people from different regions of Russia and CIS countries took part in the reconstruction. The platform for reconstruction was significantly expanded, new and original fortifications corresponding to the realities of the Volkhov Front were installed. More than 300 participants from different cities of Russia and neighboring countries come on the battlefield. Military as well as unique railway equipment on existing narrow-gauge railways, models of heavy weapons, pyrotechnics are used in the reconstruction.

In 2015 the audience was presented several interactive areas that worked before and after the main part of the program: there are several reconstructions of army life, artillery and mortar positions, battalion headquarters, the battalion communications center and an exhibition of military medicine on both sides of the front. A separate part of the program took the presentation of the unique exhibits of the emerging Museum of narrow-gauge railway Tesovsky, sightseeing trips to the memorial of military glory for everyone.

The event begins with the laying of flowers to the mass grave in the village center Tesovo-Netylsky. The reconstruction begins in the narrow-gauge railway station. All the visitors have an opportunity to talk to the members of military-historical clubs, to see with their own eyes the shape, scale models of weapons and equipment of the Red Army and the Wehrmacht.

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