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Music Culture Center named after Sergei Rachmaninoff
Working hours:
Пн - Пт: 9:00 – 18:00
Обед: 13:00 - 14:00

Mon – Fri: 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Break: 1 p.m. – 2 p.m.

37/9 Bolshaya Moskovskaya St., Veliky Novgorod, Novgorod region

+7 (816 2) 500 645 - руководитель ЦМК им. С.В. Рахманинова Ольга Игоревна Савельева

+7 (816 2) 500 644 - специалист ЦМК им. С.В. Рахманинова Татьяна Валерьевна Берфорд.



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Music Culture Center named after Sergey Rachmaninoff   in Dialog Cultural, Art and Public Initiative Center was founded in 1993. There were changes in administrative forms and in the name of this center within 20 years of working. But the main purposes are still the same:  the creative heritage promotion of Sergey Rachmaninoff, the greatest composer, pianist and conductor, the native of the Novgorod land, promotion of another composers, whose creative life was closely connected with Novgorod and classic music at large.

The activity area of the Center is always growing, the methods of cultural education and museum technologies are improving day by day. 

Every other year, the Music Culture Center holds The Young Pianist’s International contest named after Sergey Rachmaninoff. This event became one of the most popular and prestigious music competitions for children and teenagers in Russia within a short space of time. Also, there is another music festival, called «Chopin’s Wreath» (with support from Poland Consulate General in Saint Petersburg).

Besides of music contests there are Rachmaninoff’s days (in Spring and Autumn), classic music performances and conferences for pupils and students at the Center. Also, there are researching projects and masterclasses for students of Novgorod Region College of Arts named after Sergey Rachmaninoff and Novgorod music schools. Since Autumn 2016 there has been being a «Music lounge» for Novgorod’s arts and music lovers. 

Music Culture Center named after Sergey Rachmaninoff  offers:


Interactive costumed excursion «The Butakov-Rachmaninoff’s family archive»:

  • Diving into the provincial life of a noble family.
  • An introduction of Sergey Rachmaninoff and his relatives and their living in Novgorod land.
  • A possibility to play the antique piano and to taste favorite dishes of the Rachmaninoffs.

Being in the noble-styled drawing room, which is perfectly reconstructed, you will hear an interesting story about Sergey Rachmaninoff’s childhood, his parents and maternal grandparents. You will find out which of his relatives he resembled more, who transmitted to him the musical gift and why he started to use bells and church anthems in his music. Also, you will be able to listen to the great composer’s music and try yourself in playing the piano, no matter if you are not a piano player. In the end, you will taste the favorite dishes of Rachmaninoff and his family.

This excursion is based on official information and some relatives’ memories, which are not open for public at large.

The guide is Tatyana Berford, an expert in music and arts. 

Information and excursions order:

  • +7 (816 2) 94 60 76
  • +7 (816 2) 50 06 45
  • +7 (816 2) 50 06 44

The number of people in each group is 10 and more. If the group consists of children, there is free entrance for two adults.

Ticket price – 100-150 RUB.

The price of Rachmaninoff’s tea or Rachmaninoff’s dinner  is determined when ordered. 


«I had My Native Shore…» at The Music Culture Center. This one is dedicated to the Novgorod land, to the memorable places, where Sergey Rachmaninoff grew up. This exhibition is based on photos which are done by the famous local history expert N. B. Basmanova from Staraya Russa.

Unfortunately, nowadays, a lot of Rachmaninoff’s memorable places in Novgorod are hard to be reached. This exhibition gives you a chance to see the place where Semyonovo manor, the composer’s home, was situated, the church on the hill near the village Starye Degtyari, where the musician was christened, Oneg estate, where he spent his childhood; Borisovo estate, where he was on summer vacation with his grandmother…

Also, the documental films about Sergey Rachmaninoff by N. B. Basmanova are available:

  • «Semyonovo – The Rachmaninoff’s home»
  • «I had My Native Shore: Oneg»
  • «I had My Native Shore: Borisovo»
  • «The unreachable genius» (This film is about Sergey Rachmaninoff’s birthplace).
  • «The Mysterious Guest» (N. I. Sats’s memories about Rachmaninoff and his music).
  • «The Oneg’s Watcher» (T. A. Samsonova’s efforts to save Rachmaninoff’s memorable places).
  • «Bread and Roses» (Rachmaninoff’s charity work).

Special events organization:

The Music Culture Center offers a lot of special events: the New Year children’s festival called Seryozha Rachmaninoff’s Christmas Dance, talks about classical music and others.

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