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Main page / Veliky Novgorod - The City of Gastronomy
Veliky Novgorod - The City of Gastronomy

Russian cuisine has greatly changed over the course of time, but even nowadays the cafes and restaurants of Veliky Novgorod treat their guests with not only modern delicacies but also dishes from the old times, made according to the ancient recipes. 

The ancient Novgorodian cuisine reached our times through literature. From the chronicles and old folk tales we learn about meals like “ognivo” (thick soup with fin meat), elk snout, lynx meat, roasted swans and bear paws, but those are the delicacies from wedding or noble tables. Ordinary people had simpler food. Usually, the table would have cold snacks and a pot with the first course – fish solyanka, shchi or ukha. Ukha wasn’t necessarily a fish soup, but nonetheless, it was thick and filling. Besides soups, people ate porridges, oat and pea kissels, pickled food, mushrooms, dried and soused apples and all kinds of fish.

People cooked boiled, baked, skewered and steamed fish, fried it in walnut or poppyseed oil and stuffed it with porridge and mushrooms. Balyk and caviar were commonplace, because Lake Ilmen and the many rivers that flow into it were rich with fish. Back in 18th century, people caught ciscos, Baltic taimens and even sturgeons in Lake Ilmen! It’s no wonder that fish was more preferable than meat. People didn’t cultivate a lot of vegetables – mostly cabbage, cucumbers and turnips, but they cooked so many meals with them. Turnip was the most popular and diverse. Folks dried, baked and steamed it, added it to soups and stuffed it with curd.

Modern chefs carefully preserve the culinary traditions of their ancestors.

And in 2018 the first delicious route The best dishes of Novgorod cuisine appeared in Veliky Novgorod.

Berg’s Merchant Meal*

Best Novgorod Dish – 2016 

In a house that once belonged to Emil Berg, the merchant of the 2nd guild, you can make a culinary trip to Russia of the 19th century. High ceilings, wallpaper with gilding, mirrors in carved frames, heavy curtains in the doorways, photographs on the walls, a gramophone on the table. From the very first minute, you seem to be heading back a century and a half to the past.

And the guests are treated here in strict accordance with the old merchant recipes: the bear meat should be freezed for three days, marinated in red wine with spices and simmered at 80-85 degrees С for 14 hours. Potatoes and cowberry sauce are served as a side dish to the tender bear meat.

*Seasonal dish.

Berg’s House Merchant Cuisine Restaurant

Price: 590 ₽

Beef Stroganoff from Veal Tails

Beef stroganoff came into being in the 19th century. There are several legends about its creation and the author of the recipe, and only one thing is doubtless: beef stroganoff has become a classic of Russian cuisine. This dish gives a lively idea of Russian culinary traditions to gourmets all over the world. 

Naffiga Koze Bayan is a gastrobar, where like in an eccentric play the important rule of the unity of time and place is observed. Therefore, the common recipe has a few original accents here: the beef stroganoff is prepared from the tender meat of veal tails and served with greenery oil sauce and beetroot leaves.

Naffiga Koze Bayan Gastrobar

Price: 495 ₽

Gift of Korostyn

In the 17th century there were about 600 cherry trees and only 150 apple trees near the village of Korostyn located on the picturesque shore of Lake Ilmen. The hospitable mistress of Malinovka cafe Larisa Lambrinova found this interesting fact in old monastic books. This means that our ancestors loved cherries pretty much! That is why the classic recipe of Ilmen pike in Malinovka cafe is complemented with the cherry sauce and pickled mushrooms from the Novgorod forests.

Malinovka Cafe

Price: 477 ₽

Novgorod Style Brine Fish Soup*

Special Award from the General Partner of Gourmet Festival – Adept Group

Zavod-bar is an intelligent bar with a culturological aspect, reflected in the unique style and original cuisine. The important feature of Zavod gastronomy is that various soups, main courses and even desserts are cooked in the genuine Russian stove, which gives them the amazing taste and aroma!

Dishes prepared in the Russian stove change every day to connoisseurs’ delight, and some of them are absolutely exclusive and made only to order, like, for example, the famous Novgorod style brine fish soup. This incredibly delicious soup with cucumber brine, sturgeon and pike perch has won the special award of Gourmet Festival Veliky Novgorod and the broad audience!

*You can order the Novgorod style brine fish soup only 2 days in advance and for a group of at least 10 persons.

Store Zavod-bar

Price: 390 ₽

Pea Porridge with a Homemade Lamb Sausage*

In Varenie Café one can find dishes from different corners of the Novgorod land. Vegetables, fruits, berries, mushrooms - everything that Novgorod region has been rich in for centuries.

From ancient times porridge in Russia served as a symbol of well-being, and lamb was considered the healthiest meat in winter. The recipe, recorded in Maryovsky district, combined all the best from the peasant farmstead!

A special highlight of this simple but surprisingly tasty dish is a sauce made of cowberries and wild apples as well as delicate rolls with homemade cheese.

*Please note! Pre-order is required.

Varenie Cafe

Price: 454 ₽

Rachmaninoff’s Lilacs

Special Award from the professional judges of Gourmet Festival Veliky Novgorod

145 years ago – April 1, 1873 – the famous Russian composer, pianist and conductor Sergei Rachmaninoff was born in Novgorod land. His enchanting music became the continuation of his childhood, which he had spent listening to sounds of Novgorod bells and cradlesongs of his grandmother Sofia.

You can enjoy Sergei Rachmaninoff’s wonderful music in the garden square of the Kremlin park, at the monument surrounded by fragrant lilacs so liked by the genius. And it’s a good idea to end your stroll at Berg’s House, the merchant restaurant of Russian cuisine, where you can treat yourself with the original Rachmaninoff’s Lilacs dessert. It was created by Galina Krymko in honor of our great townsman’s 145th anniversary.

Berg’s House, Merchant Cuisine Restaurant

Price: 290 ₽

Northern Sturgeon

Best Novgorod Dish – 2017

We know from epic poems and chronicles that Novgorod cuisine was notable for plenty of fish dishes, many of which are rare today. In fact, people caught whitefish, taimens and even sturgeons in Lake Ilmen as far back as in the 18th century! That is why Skazka restaurant complex prepared a truly royal dish for guests of the Gourmet Festival - the Northern Sturgeon, which became the winner of the public voting.

The Northern Sturgeon cooked according to the unique recipe was in the restaurant menu only during the Gourmet Festival, but you can enjoy the skill of the chef Khamid Samadov any day, trying, for example, a traditional Novgorod dish - delicious pike perch!

Skazka Restaurant complex

Sausages with Cabbage Decoction

The legendary trade route from the Varangians to the Greeks ran through the ancient Novgorod. Our ancestors overcame three thousand kilometers to reach Constantinople. From there they brought a recipe of sausages, which in Novgorod got the Russian name "sotsiski". The experts of Malinovka café used one of the “overseas” recipes as a guide to cook for you sappy veal rolls with champignons served with cabbage decoction.

The café offers you a free drink to this dish.

Malinovka Cafe

Price: 450 ₽

Boyar Meal

What our ancestors had on their tables every day, nowadays, in the 21st century, is often considered as something unusual and exotic. But there is an exception: in Veliky Novgorod it is just the history of the native land, which you can taste.

Frigate Flagman restaurant complex invites you to a real boyar meal! Pike perch fillet baked in a puff pastry is served with pike caviar, fish broth, stewed cabbage and homemade horseradish vodka. The main secret of this recipe is the Ilmen fish - the real pride of the Novgorod lakeland region!

Frigate Flagman Restaurant Complex

Price: 600 ₽

The Restaurants, cafes section will help you choose a place to meet your friends, dine with your family or have a romantic dinner.

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