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Restaurants, cafes and bars in Veliky Novgorod
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Discover the traditional cuisine of Veliky Novgorod, introduced in our Novgorod Menu!

Learn about the Novgorod cuisine
We hope that the city tour was an exciting experience. And now, it's time to have a meal in one of our cafes or restaurants, which will gladly open their doors for you.

You can choose any cuisine you like. There are traditional Russian meals, the masterpieces of Eastern cuisine and the best European meals available. No matter what cuisine you choose, you can be sure that all the meals will be of highest quality.

In Veliky Novgorod you can buy gingerbreadkvas and honey as souvenirs. They all are made according to the original Russian recipes. Lord Veliky Novgorod opens the doors of many restaurants and cafes for its guests and citizens. Here you can try the meals of Russian, Eastern and European cuisine and hang out with your friends or have a good time with your family.

Veliky Novgorod has a great number of restaurants and cafes. You can see all of them in our catalogue and read their short, but informative descriptions. You'll notice that the interiors of all these places are very different. This is done intentionally, so that one could choose a place that matches one’s mood, needs and preferences, be it a restaurant or a cafe.

The Napoli restaurant will treat you with the most exquisite meals of the Italian cuisine, while Caffe Perfetto will provide a menu for the youngest gourmands.

No matter what preferences you have, in Veliky Novgorod you will always be able to choose a cafe or a restaurant that suits your tastes.

Top 10 Cafes and Restaurants with Excellent Reviews

Every year more and more bars, cafes and restaurants emerge in Veliky Novgorod. How to find the place that will be just to your liking and taste? We've made a top-10 list of places that have more excellent reviews from TripAdvisor users than others.

Places to try authentic gray shchi (cabbage soup) in Veliky Novgorod
Business lunches at cafes and restaurants of Veliky Novgorod
Kids’ menu in cafes and restaurants of Veliky Novgorod
We’ve come up with a list of cafes where your child will be served a great meal every day.
Novgorod Menu
Novgorod cuisine had a lot of fish dishes, and now residents of Veliky Novgorod carefully keep these traditions. Try Novgorod cuisine in the restaurants of Veliky Novgorod!
Novgorod sulchiny
We’re inviting you to take a closer look at the ancient recipe and cook this simple and remarkably tasty dish yourself.
Brewmen Restaurant & Brewery
A large production of craft beer and a two-story gastronomic restaurant that completely conveys the atmosphere of brewing in every detail!
Galereya, Restaurant

We welcome you to visit the new premium restaurant in Veliky Novgorod! Three separate halls with distinct themes of interior and atmosphere are at your service.

Gourmetto, Urban Cafe
Gourmetto is designed in Mediterranean colours of beige and cream and framed with natural wood.
Gourmetto Family Restaurant
A place, where a loving couple feels cozy, a large family or a company of young mothers find it comfortable and homelike.
Derzhavny, Cafe
We are situated in the historical part of the city, in one of the most picturesque streets. Ancient Kremlin and park are very close.
Berg’s House, Merchant Restaurant of Russian Cuisine
We welcome you to visit Berg’s house. Take a gastronomic tour to the 19-century Russia!
Le Chocolat, Сafé
Hot meal is organized in a special way to make the visitors want to try a dessert with a cup of coffee or tea.
«MAY», a restaurant complex
A new gastronomic project in the very heart of Velikiy Novgorod, located in close proximity to the Kremlin.
My Kitchen (B. Moskovskaya St.), Restaurant
The restaurant is ideal for a business lunch, small banquet, family dinner, romantic evening or meeting with friends.
My Kitchen (Pskovskaya St.), Restaurant
Here you can find your favorite Italian, Japanese cuisine, Russian - a new interpretation, as well as popular Georgian.
Napoli, Restaurant
Imagine the refined dishes, carefully prepared by masters from the products, specially brought from Italy.
Na Solnce, Restaurant
Summer reigns here all year round It is nice to relax in the hot days in an atmosphere of pleasant coolness, and in autumn and winter bright interior accents add positive emotions and create a sunny atmosphere.
Oldham, Pub Steakhouse

Oldham is the very first and so far the only British pub in Veliky Novgorod. The idea to create such a pub arose while traveling through old England.

Skazka, Restaurant complex
Business meeting, romantic evening, family dinner or gatherings with friends… You just need to book a table in Skazka.
Telegraf, Cafe
The cozy cafe in the city center, where the panoramic view to the Kremlin and Sofiyskaya square makes guests stay here longer than it was planned...
Teplo, Trattoria
Our pizza and home-made pasta is city-wide famous for its taste, quality and quantity of ingredients. Japanese food is prepared by real masters which were taught by the best chefs. 
«Truffle», a sweet shop

An ideal place for meetings and chatting in the atmosphere of a small family coffee house. Enjoy the stunning view from our panoramic windows! We will light up your day!

Frigate Flagman, Restaurant Complex

Restaurant complex on the Volkhov river Fregat Flagman gives an unbelievably beautiful view of the town: the foot bridge, Kremlin, Saint Sophia Cathedral, Saint Sophia Cathedral belfry, the Victory Monument, Volkhov river.

Hurma, Restaurant
Effective combination of a restaurant, a bar and a lounge zone, beloved cuisine and unique design with an excellent panoramic view!
Charodeyka Bar
Here one will find Russian cuisine, infusions and a merchant shop full of peculiar souvenirs and Russian drinks.
Ganzeisky Dvor, Cafe
The cafe is aimed both at individual visitors and large tourist groups.
Izyum, Restaurant-bar
The restaurant-bar is a place for successful people who appreciate high-quality rest, prefer diverse music, have a good taste and is looking for something new!
Malinovka, Cafe
We offer you a great opportunity to find yourself dining out in a cozy authentic Ukrainian house decorated with pickled foods and liqueurs.
Naffiga Koze Bayan, Gastrobar
When coming to our gastrobar you feel featheriness and incredible easiness of existence. Time goes too quickly here, and you want to stay here longer. 
Na Starom Rynke, Tavern
The tavern is located at the corner of Nutnaya and Mikhailova streets. This place was called the Slavensky end in ancient times.
Cucumber, Cafe
The cafe is located within stone's throw from Yaroslav's Court, in the historical part of Veliky Novgorod. The cafe is decorated in the Russian style and has a picturesque photo zone.
Olimpiya, Cafe
Convenient location in the center of the ancient city and the cozy atmosphere of the cafe adds up to the good impressions from the vacation.
Sadko, Restaurant
The restaurant is popular among the Novgorodians thanks to its comfortable and warm atmosphere and delicious homelike cuisine.
Stary Gorod, Cafe-bar
Stary Gorod is a place, where we always welcome you with your beloved ones, friends or those, with whom you would like to share your time, feelings or company.
Best Time, Restaurant & Lounge Bar
Bolshaya Lozhka, canteen
Vandam, Cocktail bar
Volkhov, Restaurant
«Time Ch» / Food. Wine. Feelings.
Glazur, family cafe
Greensleeves, Irish Pub

Jagannath, Vegetarian Cafe
Dominion, Cafe
Limuzin Morskoy, Restaurant
Zolotoy Kovsh, Restaurant
Île-de-France, Restaurant
Intourist, Restaurant
Koteynya, Timeclub
Сoffee-mill, Coffee house
Lucky Star, Restaurant
La Chatte, Cafe
Foxhall, Tavern
Mycroft, Pub
Milana, Restaurant
Na Sennoy, Cafe and Bar
Paluba, Restaurant
PERSONA, restaurant
Podkova, Cafe
Polist, Restaurant in Staraya Russa
Pop's, canteen
Skatert-Samobranka, canteen
Sudarushka, Cafe
Sytniy Domik, Cafe
Familiya, café
Friends, bar
Black Continent, Coffee house
Shkiper, Cafe in Velikiy Novgorod
Yurievskoe Podvorie, Restaurant
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