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Main page / Souvenirs and gifts in Veliky Novgorod
Souvenirs and gifts in Veliky Novgorod


What is worth trying in Veliky Novgorod?
What is worth trying in Veliky Novgorod? Tasty and healthy souvenirs from Veliky Novgorod at Red Izba!
Arts and craft gallery Na Torgu
Decorative and applied arts, folk arts and crafts, national costumes and embroidery, painting, graphics, collage, and temporary expositions on the ground floor of the exhibition hall.
Alkon Brand Shop

You will find the best and biggest choice of Alkon production in the Alkon brandshop. Alkon is a 115-year old factory which products genuinely Russian drinks. 

Akvamarin Jewelry House
Akvamarin Jewelry House is the fast-growing retail chain of jewelry stores in Veliky Novgorod.
Elena Coat, Chain store
Elena Coat factory has been producing women's and men's outdoor clothes in Veliky Novgorod for more than 25 years.
Natural Oil and Flour
In Red Izba Tourist Information center you can buy a healthy souvenir from Veliky Novgorod!
Jams from Pine Cones and Wild Berries
Only carefully selected berries and cones are used in the cooking process. They are picked only in environmentally pristine areas without pesticide and other chemicals treatment.
Souvenir Ginger Bread from Veliky Novgorod in Red Izba
Buy the delicious ginger bread souvenir in Veliky Novgorod!
Honey from Veliky Novgorod in Red Izba
Buy a delicious souvenir in the Red Izba tourist information center!
Ivan-tea in Red Izba
Ivan-tea collected in one of the greenest areas of Novgorod region is a delicious and healthy souvenir from Veliky Novgorod.
Salt from Staraya Russa in the birchbark box
Healthy and delicious salt obtained from water of the unique mineral springs in Staraya Russa.
Valday Bells
The Gift of Valday is the best souvenir from ancient Novgorod land!
Mineral Water and Lemonade in Red Izba
You can buy delicious souvenirs from Veliky Novgorod in the Red Izba tourist information center!
Original Presents from Veliky Novgorod
The unique opportunity to bring as a gift the traditional, tasty and healthy products from Veliky Novgorod.
Krestetsky Embroidery
Krestetsky Embroidery is the traditional embroidery art originated in Krestetsky district in 1860. The main idea is to fill the linen net with fancy patterns of a thin thread.
Veliky Novgorod: Guidebook for Children and Their Parents
The necessary book for real travellers and their parents!
State Museum of Arts and Culture of Novgorod Land
Folk Arts Center
Russian Lavka at Varenie cafe
Novgorod Branch of Commercial Bank "NS Bank"
Commemorative coins in Russian Agricultural Bank
Rus, Shopping center
Rus shopping center is located on one of the main roads of Veliky Novgorod.
Sberbank Tourist Office
The office is located in the historic part of the city, and it it provides banking services for roreign tourists and visitors.
SOKOL Zolotoy Jewellery Cafe
Art-shop "Sloboda"
Decorative and applied arts, folk arts and crafts, souvenirs, bijouterie, painting, graphics, sculpture. Expositions of Novgorod painters monthly.
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