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Honey from Veliky Novgorod in Red Izba
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5, Sennaya Square, Veliky Novgorod

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Why is the Novgorod honey so delicious?
The Novgorodians didn't know about sugar, so the honey was valuable. Beekeeping (wild-honey farming) was very widespread. Bees weren`t raised on purpose, the honey was taken from wild bees. Novgorod honey collected away from industrial and agricultural production even now retains a special, incomparable taste and aroma.

Buy delicious honey souvenirs (produced by Medovy Dom) in the Red Izba tourist information center.

Honey souvenir is a great reason to speak about something pleasant while sipping tea. These souvenirs are unique because honey is a product of great nutritional value.

We offer the following sorts of honey:

  • Polyfloral honey from Veliky Novgorod. Floral honey is fragrant with a mild rich flavor. The use of the floral honey improves metabolism and leads to normalization of weight, strengthens immunity, slows the aging process, stimulates the organs of digestion. If you use the floral honey in therapeutic feeding it allows you to eliminate the nutrient deficiency easily and quickly.
  • Novgorod forest honey is one of the best northern honeys. It differs from others by its mild flavour and rich aroma. In addition, it has antibacterial properties, which is related to the difficult natural conditions of honey harvest.
  • Souvenir honey in the birch bark box. Our birch bark boxes are made in the purest regions of western Siberia and coated with wax inside. Birch bark has antibacterial properties it is durable and very convenient for food storage. Multiple layers of birch bark create thermos effect.
  • Honey with nuts. For gourmets and lovers of healthy lifestyle! Walnut, almond, hazelnut, pine nuts emphasize the amazing taste of honey and double the benefit.
  • Honey nut paste. It is unique product which has a pleasant taste and healthy properties. It boosts immunity, improves the gastrointestinal tract work, and is strongly tonic. The combination of nuts and dried fruits is useful for everybody, especially for people keen on sports!
  • Floral honey with pumpkin seeds is a unique product which has not only a pleasant taste but also healthy properties. It is strongly tonic and boosts immunity. Pumpkin seeds are generous source of vegetable protein, contain a large amount of fiber. Honey with pumpkin seeds is especially good for man’s health.
  • Creamed honey with ginger and lemon and strawberry-mint creamed honey. Creamed honey is prepared by using the technology of constant stirring and adding berries. Creamed honey is an ideal complement to your healthy breakfast with its easy to use consistency, bright design and the diversity of tastes. It can also be perfect alternative to sweets for the whole family.

A set of 4 different kinds of natural floral honey (420g)

Linden (lime) honey is widely regarded as one of the best. It is characterized by unique mineral composition, rich taste and nice bitterness of aftertaste. The natural product is collected in the best linden groves. Honey contains a high number of amino acids, enzymes and vitamins.

Buckwheat honey is one of the best kinds of monofloral honey. It has a rich dark shade, a pleasant flavor and  an unusual tart taste. The honey is rich in iron ions, magnesium and copper. It has a strengthening effect.

Polyfloral honey is one of the most common types on Russian territory. It is collected from honeydew (sweet juice of leaves) and various meadow flowers: clover, dandelion, sage, thyme and many other. Floral honey contains a wide range of vitamins, amino acids and minerals.

Forest honey is collected in ecologically clean and protected areas. It has a mild rich taste and bright floral aroma. Due to multiplicity of wild flowers and herbs, the honey is rich in vitamins, improves metabolism and strengthens immunity.

Honey granules (100g)

Honey granules are a tasty, healthy and well-balanced product.

Honey granules are natural honey that was dried using modern technologies and  as a result got granulated. Honey in granules is stored longer.

Granular honey retains all the beneficial qualities of a liquid analogue of the product. The unique product consists of natural honey and glucose and is fully digested. Honey granules are less allergenic compared to natural honey because there is less pollen in the product.

Novgorod herbal tea 30g (teabags), 40g

One of the most effective ways to keep energy reserve in the body up is to drink natural herbal tea. Specially selected herbal combinations collected in the Birthplace of Russia will warm you and create a unique holiday atmosphere. Novgorod herbal tea strengthens immunity, fortifies with vitamins and tones you up.

Ingredients: blackcurrant leaves, wild apples, peppermint, willow herb (Ivan-tea), calendula petals.

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