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Exclusively in Red Izba
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5, Sennaya Sq., Veliky Novgorod, 173007

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Novgorod pryanik, Ivan-tea, healthy and delicious honey are already gained their fame as useful and tasty gifts from Veliky Novgorod. Now we bring to your attention our unique gastronomic souvenirs polular among both Novgorodians and tourists. Choose, taste and fall in love with them, but remember that these goods you can find only in Red Izba at 5 Sennaya Square.

And you are very welcome here! ♥

  • Chocolate Glazed Apricots, Hanseatic souvenir from Veliky Novgorod 

In 2009 Veliky Novgorod was the first Russian city to host International Hanseatic Days.

In 2020 a significant tourist event – the X Russian Hanseatic Days – is taking place in Veliky Novgorod. Red Izba is getting ready. We would love it if every guest could bring home a memorable “Hanseatic gift”.

To make it possible, Red Izba and Novgorod Confectionary came up with a souvenir that unites 2 Hansas, 2 extremely important events in the 11 years of Novgorod Hansa movement history: the XXIX Hanseatic Days of New Time in 2009 and the X Russian Hanseatic Days in 2020.

These are exceptionally delicious and healthy candied treats: rhubarb with a tinge of sourness, puffed cranberries, tender gooseberries and also a mix of cranberries, gooseberries and pumkin cubes for good health and great mood!

  • Apple crunches

These delightful dainties are made from baked apples and egg whites. They look like bread crackers but are very light and more crispy. Incredibly delicious apple paste crunches are a great alternative to unhealthy chips and crackers. Only natural ingredients with no food and color additives.

  • “Greetings from Hanseatic City of Veliky Novgorod” postcards

The series of postcards is devoted to the rich Hanseatic history of Veliky Novgorod from the Middle Ages to the present days.

With these postcards Red Izba invites guests from all over the world to the upcoming X Russian Hanseatic Days that are taking place in our city in 2020 and sends Hanseatic greetings from the ancient town. The postcards are available in three languages: Russian, English and German.

  • Health and wellness wishing postcards

Apart from greetings from the Birthplace of Russia one can send to their families and friends peculiar postcards with the wishes of health and prosperity from the ancient Novgorodians.

Note! In Red Izba you can not only buy postcards, but also sign them, stick stamps on and send by mail.

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