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Salt from Staraya Russa in the birchbark box
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Like 1000 years ago, salt from Staraya Russa is obtained by the process of evaporating water from the unique mineral springs in Staraya Russa. It was the beginning of salt production that caused the birth of Staraya Russa in X - XI centuries. In the XVI century, according to foreigners, "the best salt was obtained in Staraya Russa, where there were a lot of saltworks", and salt production was called the «Russian craft» in the Novgorod annals. In the Middle Ages salt was expensive, and only noble guests were served with it during solemn feasts, while others left «empty-handed».

Feel like you are a prince or a boyar, taste the salt from Staraya Russa! It looks yellow because it contains salts of magnesium and potassium. It tastes delicious - tender and rich, and dissolves on the tongue in a split second.

Health properties of the salt

  • People with gastritis with low acidity are recommended to eat a piece of bread with salt before meals. It allows to avoid the unpleasant feeling of heaviness and normalizes stomach performance.
  • Two pieces of bread with salt a day also help people, who suffer from hypotension and problems with the gall bladder.

Baths with salt from Staraya Russa support normal metabolism and have strengthening and refreshing effect. After such baths, “one breathes easier, moves easier and feels overall freshness and the special power in muscles”.

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