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Main page / Museums and sightseeing in Veliky Novgorod
Museums and sightseeing in Veliky Novgorod


Veliky Novgorod is not accidently called a city-museum of Old Russia - no other place has preserved that number of great monuments of architecture and monumental painting.

Here it is hard and sometimes impossible to define where the city ends the musium begins. About 50 valuable monuments became a part of a modern city living structure. And the history of these churches, monasteries, fortifications is full of both amazing and tradgic pages.

Online City Guide of Veliky Novgorod: maps, tourist routs, practical information.

Functioning cathedrals and churches of Veliky Novgorod

UNESCO World Heritage sites in Veliky Novgorod

Bring your friends and relatieves tasty and useful souvenirs from Veliky Novgorod: ginger bread, honey, kvas (bread drink)!

Falconry Interactive Exhibition
The exposition tells visitors about the history of falconry as a traditional activity in Russia and gives an insight into the most common species of birds of prey, living on the territory of Novgorod region.
The History of Veliky Novgorod and Novgorod Land from Ancient Times till 17th c.
Implements, home utensils, handicraft items, military equipment, and birch-bark letters introduce ancient Russia.
Russian Icon of 11th - 19th Centuries in the Collection of Novgorod State Museum
Being one of the world’s largest expositions of Russian icon painting, it displays about 260 marvellous works.
Exposition Old Russian Woodcarving
Woodcarving was one of the most popular artistic handicrafts in ancient Novgorod. Wooden items are both handy, and beautiful.
Exhibition Treasury of Veliky Novgorod. Jeweler's Art of the 5th – 19th centuries
This exposition of decorative and applied arts and of jeweller’s arts displays more than 200 exhibits, made of precious metals, tin, porcelain, glass, wood and other materials by Russian, Byzantine and European craftsmen.
Exhibition Christian antiquities. Artistic metal of the 11th – 19th centuries
Located in the halls of the three tiers Gate Tower, the unique exhibition displays over 300 masterpieces of “artistic metal”.
Exposition Cultural Heritage of Novgorod Cloisters
The monasteries of Veliky Novgorod are introduced in 100 modern pictures and those taken in the beginning of 20th century, 60 copies of official documents and various electronic materials.
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