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Tesovo Narrow-Gauge Railway Museum
116 Sovietskaya St., Tesovo-Netilsky village, Novgorod district, Novgorod region (Rogavka railway station)

+7 905 207 75 83


Working hours:
В удобное для вас время

at a time that suits you

Entrance Fee:
Согласно программе - according to the programme

58.93623532, 31.06435750

Tesovo Narrow-Gauge Railway Museum is located in Tesovo-Netilsky village in the Novgorod region. The museum represents a narrow-gauge railway belonging to a Peat Mining Enterprise “Tesovo-1” and passing through the conservation areas of the former peat field once famous for its high production output in the whole of the Soviet Union.

During the heyday of peat mining company, the length of the main tracks of the narrow-gauge railway reached 170 km, but nowadays only 20 km of it is preserved. However, this is a unique site where anyone can make an unforgettable journey! Samples of the rolling stock, which is unique these days, are operated on the Tesov narrow-gauge railway. Some parts of it were restored by the museum staff.

There are no such museum railways in the northwest!

In addition to an exciting trip, guests of the narrow-gauge road our will visit the depot and get acquainted with the car fleet from the museum’s collection. At present, the museum incorporates locomotives, a passenger car, a dining car, rail trolleys and moto-trolleys. Visitors will not only be able to go for a ride, but also feel like a real locomotive driver!

In summer time the museum offers riding trolleys on the narrow-gauge road to all the visitors! Adults will remember their childhood while children will learn what a narrow-gauge railway is like and what it is used for.

Once this area was famous for its large volumes of peat extraction, but now the peat is not in great demand, however, it is still mined. Our guests can see the expanse of the peat-extraction site, learn how and by what means this fossil is extracted.

Visiting the Tesov narrow-gauge railway museum will leave pleasant memories of children of all ages as well as of adults, who missed for the Soviet past or simply will get pleasure from railways, beautiful nature and new impressions!

The museum staff are always glad to organize a programme that will suit your wishes.

In conclusion, we would like to add that on the territory of the museum a military-historic festival named “The Forgotten Feat - the Second Shock War” has been held for three years in a row.

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