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Tourist route №4. Trade Side Sightseeing
Trade Side of Veliky Novgorod

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Tourist Route №2: Monuments at the Sophia Side of the City

Tourist Route №3: Yaroslav’s Court and the Ancient Market

1. Aleksandr Nevsky Embankment - from the embankment you will see the unique view of monuments of Novgorod architecture from different epochs: the Novgorod Kremlin, Aleksandr Nevsky bridge, Drama Theatre named after Fyodor Dostoyevsky. Walk down the embankment and meet the modern monuments of Veliky Novgorod: the tourist girl, the painting boy, the Sirin bird...

2. Church of the Transfiguration of Our Savior on Ilyina Street - The church is world famous for its wall-painting by Theophanes the Greek.  It is the only church in the world that has manahed to preserve the frescoes by this very Byzantine master who painted about 40 churches. 

3. Cathedral of Our Lady of the Sign - This church was built on the site of the old Church of the Holy Sign, which was erected for keeping the icon “Our Lady of the Sign” that protected Novgorod from an attack by a host from city of Suzdal in 1170.

4. Churches of St. Philip the Apostle and St. Nicholas the Wonderworker - The two churches were built in 1526 on Noutnaya Street by Novgorod and Moscow merchants on the site of an older, 14th century church.

5. Cinema museum

6. Church of St. Theodore Stratilates on the Brook - This remarkable monument of Novgorod architecture was built by a nobleman Simeon Andreevich. The building served as a model and inspiration for the next generations of architects. 

7. Sadko Monument - The unusual forged sculpture of the Novgorodian merchant Sadko appeared at the Yaroslav's Courtyard during the holiday of the city 1150th anniversary.

8. Church of Boris and Gleb in Plotniki - The church was built by residents of Zapolskaya and Koniuhova Street with participation of guests from Moscow and Novgorod. The church was built in 5 months. 

9. Church of St. John the Divine on Vitka, 1383 – 1384 - The church used to be a part of a convent that unfortunately can be proved by no historical documents though. The church combined the pure simplicity and proportions.

10. Cathedral of the Nativity of our Lady in St. Anthony Monastery - According to a legend, the monastery was founded by St. Anthony from Rome who made a miraculous journey around Europe in three days and finally arrived to Novgorod on a floating stone. This stone has been still there, kept on the porch of the Church of the Nativity of Our Lady (1117).

Tourist Route №2: Monuments at the Sophia Side of the City

Tourist Route №3: Yaroslav’s Court and the Ancient Market

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