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Theatre of Time: Troitsky Excavation is a trip back to the past
Troitsky St., Veliky Novgorod, 173007

Справки и заказ экскурсий: +7 (8162) 77 37 70


Working hours:
в теплое время года

during the warm period of the year

Entrance Fee:
50 руб. – взрослый
30 руб. – учащиеся
дети до 16 лет — бесплатно

80 roubles (adults)
50 roubles (students)
children under 16 - free

58.51620800, 31.27272200

Theatrical displays of history run through the seven meter deep cultural archeological excavations. It was there that unique items of high archaeological value were found perfectly preserved. The oldest Slavic book made of waxed tablets, Novgorod Psaltyri (Book of Psalms) of the early 11th century, more than 400 birch bark letters, over 20 mansion houses of the 10th -15th century, including the 12th century Studio of the painter Olisey Grechin are among the famous findings.

Theater of Time is the only place where Novgorodians and guests of our ancient city have a chance to set forth on a trip back through time from the 21st century to the Middle Age, to see the city's past that has been congealed in the cultural layer and watch the "performance of the Theater of Time.

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