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What we do

Innovative projects:

The Tourism Development Centre ‘Red Izba’ starts a current tourist season with a staged tour ‘Staged walking tours around the Kremlin guided by Sbyslav the Posadnik’. While walking the posadnik (the Mayor) of the Lord Veliky Novgorod Sbyslav Yakunovich tells stories about the time the Detinets was built and its massive towers erected, about the glorious Prince Vladimir Yaroslavovich who raised the city of stone and some feat of arms of him, about the marvellous church of Sts. Boris and Gleb built by Sadko Sytinych, about the shrines of St. Sophia Cathedral, the Magdeburg Gates, the Archbishop’s Court. Guests are meant both to find out a lot of interesting facts and to get involved into the medieval history of the city.

Cycling around makes it possible to view the most of the sights of Veliky Novgorod in a short time without spending big money.

Moreover, cycling tours provide both enjoying views on the oldest city of Russia and improving health.

In the Tourism Development Centre “Red Izba one can rent a bicycle and book a cycling tour around the historical sights of Veliky Novgorod and the outskirts. Cycling is a fast, comfortable and budget leisure option.

A free e-application “Mobile guide to Veliky Novgorod” is available on For the first time the unique navigation program is about foot routes around the city, based on the Navigation Satellite System, the possibility to create individual tours, interactive maps accompanied with detailed information on the city infrastructure and all the leading sights. The e – guide both helps any tourist to see the city and provides with advice on the best cafe or restaurant, informing about a menu and an average bill. Besides there are available social communication options that keep getting more popular these days. The “Mobile guide” helps to find new friends, ask out for a date at a certain venue, and trace a person’s location in case he/she is using the navigation system.

In June 2009, Veliky Novgorod hosted the International Convention on Culture and Economy «The 29th Hanseatic Days of the New Time». Among all the symbols of that celebration there was the Hanseatic fountain established on theYaroslav’s Courtyard in the shape of a round-table as if welcoming the Hanseatic cities to cooperate. Once in two weeks – since May till September – there is a medieval drama performance of taking money from the Hanseatic fountain held. A tysyatsky (a captain of the people's volunteer army) together with mytniki (scavengers) and numerous spectators grab a chest, check its solidity at the Red Izba office and then set out through the Kremlin, over the foot bridge right to the Yaroslav’s Courtyard, the former marketplace. Over there they are raking money out of the Hanseatic fountain and then send money in the city treasury. All the spectators are actively involved in the performance. The collected money is contributed to the tourism development.

The Tourism Development Centre «Red Izba» together with world acknowledged Novgorod artists from the Russian Union of Artists welcomes to get immersed into the magnificent atmosphere of art, creativity and communication and to create own masterpiece guided by a teaching artist. After selecting an experienced guide to the world of arts anyone can fulfill any creative ideas by any technique, incl. oil, graphic, pastel, icon painting, tapestry, wooden painting, lacquer miniature, golden embroidery, birch bark weaving, traditional toy making, etc. At master-classes and painting in the open-air everyone meets artistic people, gets relaxed and creates own unique pastel drawing or painting as a pride of the author.

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