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Troitsky excavation site

Novgorod State United Museum, Veliky Novgorod Archaeological Research Centre, LLC Gostiny Dvor and non-profit partnership “Tourist Office of Veliky Novgorod” have started working together on a new archaeological site “Troitsky Excavation”. The presentation was held on May 20, 2008 in the Art Museum conference-hall. Conference participants included: Isak Freidman, the head of Foreign Affairs and Tourism Department of the Administration of Veliky Novgorod, representatives of Novgorod State United Museum administration, the head of the archaeological centre Sergey Troyanovsky and LLC Gostiny Dvor management.

Archaeological monuments have been recognized by the global tourism industry as among the most impressive objects of cultural and educational tourism. The attractiveness of public display of archaeological monuments can be explained by its interactive character and the opportunity given to the public to witness active research work and see authentic historical relics outside museum walls. Today the Troitsky Excavation is one of the most promising tourist sites. It was there where the unique items of high archaeological value were found perfectly preserved. Thus, they are the oldest Slavic books made of waxed tablets, Novgorod Psaltyri (Book of Psalms) of the early 11th century, more than 400 birch bark letters, over 20 mansion houses dated back to the 10th-15th cc., including the 12th century Studio of the painter Olisey Grechin.

The opening of the unique “Theatre of Time” for public display was held on June 28, 2008. It’s the only place where Novgorodians and guests of our ancient city have got a chance to set forth on a trip back to the past, to get downstairs from the 21st century to the early Middle ages, to see the past of the city that has been congealed in the cultural layer and watch the “performance” of Theatre of Time.

The viewing area, where tourists are able to observe in details the undergoing excavation on the same level with it, and get immersed into the atmosphere of the 10th - 11th cc. Meeting excavation staff members, archaeological souvenirs sales, setting up a designated area for photo and video shoots and provision of guarded parking ground for tourist buses. The visitors are also offered various pamphlets and books on Novgorod archeology.

Public display of the excavations definitely does a great contribution to strong positioning of Veliky Novgorod as a “museum-city” with unique historical and archaeological heritage.

Welcome to the first unique guided “performances” of the Theatre of Time!
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