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Veliky Novgorod in Three Days
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Veliky Novgorod and suburbs

+7 (8162) 77 30 74
(информационный центр «Красная Изба»/Red Izba tourist information centre)



58.52039600, 31.26971700
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Many people mistakenly believe that Veliky Novgorod has nothing more fun than visiting museums and churches. The tourists with a passion for speed, extreme sports and active entertainment enjoy the ancient city too. Moreover, active tourism in Veliky Novgorod helps to take tourists off the beaten paths and see the city in a new light.


Jeeping is one of the forms of automobile tourism. It is perfect for people who want to get to the difficult terrain of Veliky Novgorod and its suburbs. The power of the jeep allows it to overcome swamps, clay trails and even total off-road. The feel of rushing over bumps at full speed is an amazing experience.

One might be scared of high speed thrills. However, experienced guides and motorists assure that the Jeep is one of the most reliable cars. Its interior is protected from both sand and water, and with proper driving, the chance of road accidents is reduced significantly.

Jeeping has no borders. Speed fans can race off through deep puddles, create huge splashes and feel the rush of the wind in their faces. Adventurous people who want to see the main sights of Novgorod along the way can include an excursion programme that is both exciting and extreme.


Geocaching ranks behind Jeeping, because of its main requirement is a reliable means of transportation.

The goal of geocaching is to find hidden treasures and to be the first person to reach the place marked on the map, and not forgetting to take a picture or leave an autograph to prove your success. Each point on the map has clues about the next location or bonuses that are scored at the end of the trip. Geocaching can have a diverse set of rules. The main rule is to reach the goal. Any further conditions can be changed or upgraded depending on the desire of participants, because the most important thing is to have fun.

Geocaching in Veliky Novgorod has a special feature. The ancient town is full of old deserted places and many narrow streets, where it is not so easy to find the right route. If you are passing through the Novgorod land, you should try your map orienteering and path-finding skills and see if you have the ability to find a way to the unique caches.

Aqua Center at Staraya Russa Health Resort

It would seem that Novgorod land and beach vacation are an incompatible combination. However, residents and visitors of the Novgorod region can feel like they are on the beach in an exotic country. This is most advantageous in the hot summer, when it’s ages before your planned vacation, but you can’t wait to cool off by the water.

Aqua Center at Staraya Russa Health Resort has an entertainment zone that is just as good as in overseas ones. There you can spend a Friday evening with great ease and facility, enjoying spa treatments or just swimming in the pool for a little money.

One of the advantages of the Aqua Center is the variety of programmes and offered services. In fact, the visitors of Center get a high-grade service as well as staying in a five-star hotel for a small price.

Bicycle trips

How is it possible to get from one part of the city to another in a short period of time and to sightsee along the way? By bicycle, of course. Novgorodians and visitors of the city can easily rent one for going on their independent trip.

As a means of transport bicycle is fast, convenient and economical! Renting one, you can distance yourself from the guided tours and official tourist routes. More and more tourists prefer to explore the city on their own.

In sum, if you are going to visit Veliky Novgorod, don’t get yourself up for a tedious and long trip with a boring excursion programme. Even if you spend just two or three days in Veliky Novgorod you will get some new impressions and experiences as well as take a break from intense daily routine.

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