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Artists Union of Russia in Veliky Novgorod
Working hours:

7 Desyatinny Monastery, Veliky Novgorod

+7 (816 2) 73 96 43
+7 (816 2) 77 27 05



58.51750300, 31.26495100

Creative Alliance today comprises 95 artists. The chairman of the organization is Bulat Mansurovich Yamanov.

The main tasks of the union are to organize exhibitions, provide its members with workshops, which means the creation of a material base for creative work. In addition, the regional organization represents the interests of artists before the city and the region administration, throws light upon the activities of artists in the media.

There ia also a youth circle, whose main objective is to disclose and educate new, interesting talents, create opportunities for the experience in exhibition-making and implement creative activity.

Much attention is paid to the organization of open airs. For this purpose contacts with some of the district authorities have already been established to provide the material base for plein airs (housing, transportation, food). 
Open air events are held with the invitation of artists from Russian Unions of Artists in the North-West and Tver. Thus plein-air base of Novgorod Union of Russian Artists becomes regional.

With this plein-air activity of the Novgorod branch of the Union of Russian Artists, Moshenskoy District opened gallery where 80 works donated by the artists are exhibited. And in one of the villages a hotel and an exhibition hall, a dining room for a year round open-air works are planned to be created on the basis of the closed high school. The practice for the students of the art department of the University of Veliky Novgorod can be worked out. The core of the organization is to exhibit the creative activity that helps introduce the works of Novgorod artists to art lovers.

Welcome to our exhibitions!

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