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Main page / Cultural life and leisure / Paraskeva, the School of Traditional Culture
Paraskeva, the School of Traditional Culture
Working hours:
Пн–Сб: с 9:00 до 21:00
Вс: с 15:00 до 20:00

Mon–Sat: 9 a.m. - 9 p.m.
Sun: 3 p.m. - 8 p.m.

21/29 Nickolskaya St., Veliky Novgorod

+7 908 291 03 11



58.51657400, 31.29021000

Formed in 1992, the Centre of Traditional Culture Parasceva is located in the old part of the city, close to the Yaroslav's Courtyard. The Centre is named after St. Parasceva the Friday that has always been worshipped as the patroness of fancywork and the guardian of family happiness. Today we do really need to get to know national culture. Masters of our generation have preserved the historical memory, and passed on to us folklore, traditions and crafts. The Centre aims to get children interested in folk arts, teaching them various methods and techniques of doing arts and crafts that used to be known in every single peasant family as essential ones in daily life.

There are some traditional crafts in the centre: weaving, embroidering, quilting, making rug dolls and clay toys, decorative wood-working. Children are given lessons on the history of traditional folk dress of the Russian North and other regions of Russia. In the Centre there is a new subject Fundamental Culture Study that reveals the images and figures of national culture via folklore, old traditions, and folk calendar.

The history of national culture development is inseparably connected with the history of Christianity in old-Russia. Thus, in Parasceva children are taught fundamental Orthodoxy, read the Bible, celebrate Orthodox holidays, esp. name day of St. Parasceva the martyr, Christmas, Easter.

The Centre of Traditional Culture Parasceva keeps participating in Novgorod municipal, regional, all-Russian and interregional festivals ans exhibitions and teaching masters and students have been rewarded with diplomas.

The Parasceva centre organizes meetings with the guests of the city, holds workshops and exhibitions.

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