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Main page / Museums and sightseeing in Veliky Novgorod / Myrrhbearers Church
Myrrhbearers Church
3, Nikolskaya St., Yaroslav's Courtyard, Veliky Novgorod

+7 (816 2) 63 16 34


Working hours:
10:00 - 18:00, выходной: Ср, Чт
10 a.m. - 6 p.m.; Wed, Thu - closed

Entrance Fee:
100 руб. - взрослый, 80 руб. - учащиеся,
дети до 16 лет - бесплатно

180 rub. - adults, 110 rub. - students,
children under 16 - free

58.51760900, 31.28449600

The church was commissioned by a Moscow merchant Ivan Syrkov in 1508. Syrkov founded a successful merchant dynasty in Novgorod that wielded significant political power as well. The church is a three-story, one-belfry building with four internal pillars. The lower level of the church was used as a large warehouse. During the 16th century, the basement of the church held some of Ivan the Terrible's coffers.

These days there is a Culture Centre for Children in the church. Due to an amazing temple acoustic in a concert hall, it is perfect for holding classical, academic, sacred concerts and folklore programs. There are meetings, seminars, round tables, exhibitions held in the church.

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