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28 February – 25 May 2020



Fine Arts Museum
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Young ladies and cavaliers are invited to the Flowers Ball!

March 2, 2019 Novgorod State United Museum together with the Historical dance club "Versailles" holds the children holiday Flowers Ball in the Fine Arts Museum. The festive program for guests at the age of 7 – 11 years includes games, ballroom dancing, alive picture, defile of the partysuit festival “Gold Button”, mysterious prophesies of the flower oracle, acquaintance with the flower language, election of the Ball Queen and the Ball Marshal.

Since the 19th century musical evenings, concerts and performances were held in the building of Nobility Assembly; the tradition of organizing balls here was revived by the Museum in 2010. Social events for adults are going through a new round of popularity, and the tradition of children balls is also reviving.

In the 19th century balls for children in St. Petersburg and Moscow were common. However, the event itself was special. It differed from balls for adults because it was organized at daytime, began and ended earlier than its “elder fellow”. As a rule, balls for children took place in a house of a noble family or in a dance class. As any children party, balls had casual atmosphere of fun, games and amusement. Moreover, balls for children were held for educating purpose: during such events children could practice their communication skills and get acquainted with the etiquette.

“Flowers Ball” for children is not only good entertainment, but also has an educational moment: acquaintance with the exhibition of the 19th century Russian Art from the collection of the Novgorod state museum. The ball for children is an opportunity to experience the unusual historical atmosphere thanks to historical dances and costumes of the Versailles club members. It is also an opportunity to realize the most cherished children’s dream to be a princess or a prince for a while. These balls allow modern children to understand the importance of manners, to improve their skills of polite and intelligent communication and to discover the Classical Art.

The flower theme is well seen during the ball: at the entrance a small gift such as a flower hairpin will wait for young ladies. The flower oracle and the flower language will help children to learn that every flower has its own secret sense. As for young cavaliers, they will be able to elect the Ball Queen by giving a flower to the most beautiful girl.

The program lasts 60 – 70 minutes. Participants are supposed to come well dressed (no street shoes allowed!).

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