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Events Calendar 2013
18 – 21 July 2024


Velikiy Novgorod



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Butter Week Folk Festival in Veliky Novgorod                                          

March, 16 – Novgorod Regional Folk Art Centre

March, 17 – Sophiyskaya-Pobedy square, the Kremlin Park, So-phiyskaya Embankment, Open-air Museum of Wooden Architecture Vitoslavlitsy

March, 16 - 17, 2013

The program includes puppet show, traditional folk games and amusements, horse  riding, per-formances of folk ensembles, introduction to  traditional customs and rites, different enter-tainments, jest sketches and Butter Week amusements, fisticuffs, tobogganing, workshops, sleigh gliding, tea and pancakes.
Russian Music Arts Festival

Novgorod Regional Philharmonic Concert Hall named after Anton Arensky

March, 2013

The festival is held in Veliky Novgorod since 1969. The festival’s events include the best examples of Russian music and provide access to the treasures of musical culture.
Ensembles and singers from Moscow, St. Petersburg and foreign countries participate in the festival.

Muster of Martial Retinues in Veliky Novgorod, International Festival of Historical Reenactment

The Kremlin, Yaroslav's Courtyard

April, 13– 14, 2013

The XIV Interregional historical festival "Muster of Martial Retinues in Veliky Novgorod", dedicated to the 771st anniversary of Alexander Nevsky's victory on Lake Chudskoe, will take place on April, 13-14, 2013. 

XII International Theatre Kingfestival

Theatre for Children and Youth Maly, Novgorod stage grounds

April, 25-29, 2013

The festival is devoted to a tale as a unique genre which saves cultural experience of the nations and shows the most striking sides of modern theatres In Russia and Europe in the spheres of interpretation of legends, myths, tales, fantasy in performances for the audience of different ages.
The Light Holiday Workshop

The Exposition Hall of the Porcelain Museum, Desyatinny Monastery, 6

April, 29 – May, 5, 2013

A unique opportunity to create a great hand-made Easter gift. During the master-class visitors will decorate by themselves a porcelain Easter egg, put personal marks on it and take it with them.

Long Night of Museums

Novgorod State United Museum, State Museum of Artists and Culture of Novgorod Land, Museum objects of Valday, Chudovo, Staraya Russa.

May, 18, 2013

Only once a year, visitors can see the familiar architecture, the museum exhibits at unusual time and in the new information context.

The program includes theatre performances, interactive events, guided tours.

Onfim’s Tales Musical Show in an Ancient StyleOpen-air stage beside the Kokuy Tower in the Kremlin

June, 1 July, 6 September, 1, 2013

Fantasy musical with exciting twists in the plot, special human-height dolls. During the show children will meet the characters from the old Russian folklore and get to know about the old alphabet.

XII International Folk Art and Craft Festival Sadko

Open-air Museum of Wooden Architecture Vitoslavlitsy, Novgorod stage grounds

June, 7 - 10, 2013

The festival unites different folk collectives, song and dance ensembles, masters and craftsmen from many countries. The culmination of the festival is participation of the guests in the traditional regional folklore and crafts festival at the Open-air Museum of Wooden Architecture Vitoslavlitsy.

Traditional Summer Folk Festival in Vitoslavlitsy

Open-air Museum of Wooden Architecture Vitoslavlitsy

June, 8, 2013

Folk dances and songs, arts and crafts market and traditional folk games and amusements, competitions, special feast, Russian traditions and rites.

Collectives from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Sadko festival participants.


City Day Celebration in Veliky Novgorod

Sophiyskaya-Pobedy square, the Kremlin Park, Yaroslav's Courtyard Sophiyskaya embankment

June, 8 - 9, 2013

The festival introduces modern Novgorod and Novgorod folklore to visitors.

The program includes festivals, sport competitions, interactive arrangements for different age people, official ceremony of flower laying to the “Millennium of Russia” monument, creative group’s concert program, festive firework

Novgorodskoye Veche Theatre Performance

The Novgorod Kremlin, Open-air stage beside the Kokuy Tower

Information and booking:

June, 8 July, 13 August, 17, 2013

An interactive show in the Novgorod Kremlin on the open-air stage beside the Kokuy tower recreates the life of ancient Novgorod. The participants of performance spend an unforgettable evening in the atmosphere of medieval Russia. At the craft market you can buy souvenirs, and in the workshops of craftsmen you can make the goods with your own hands. Holiday visitors are given the rare opportunity to hear the voices of the revived ancient musical instruments: harps, bagpipes, wheeled lira.

Prince’s Armed Force International Show

Novgorod Kremlin, Open-air stage beside the Kokuy Tower, the monuments of archeology Shum Gora and Rurik’s hill fort

June, 22 August, 24, 2013

The festival involves the groups playing medieval ethnic music, theaters and clubs of military history reconstruction from the Baltic countries, Finland, Sweden, Russian regions.

Early Medieval Crafts Culture Festival

Novgorod Regional Folk Art Centre

July, 5 - 7, 2013

Participants of historical reconstruction clubs from Pskov, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Samara, Bryansk and Veliky Novgorod will take part in this festival.

The programme includes demonstration of blacksmithing, pottery, leather crafts, as well as ancient technologies of wood and bone carving, glass ornaments production.

Novgorod Kupala Day Folklore Fest For TouristsCoast of Lake Ilmen (near Yuryevo village), Novgorod districtJuly, 6-7, 2013

Kupala – the fest of summer solstice, magic rites and sacraments.

The programme includes the performance of Kudesy folk theater, rite procession, the cooking of Kupala rite porridge, Uha (traditional fish soup), the weaving of wreaths for those who are in love, fire purification and Lake Ilmen rite swimming.
Tea Courtyard Family Holiday3, Desyatinny Monastery, Veliky NovgorodJuly, 8, 2013

The family holiday “Tea courtyard” is a fascinating program for children and parents. It is a trip to magic forge, acquaintance with miracles of making porcelain, games, puzzles and quizzes, and also a unique possibility to decorate a family set with help of decal, put the mark on it, pack it and take it in memory of wonderful trip in marvelous world of Novgorod porcelain.

Just Jazz OPEN AIR

The Novgorod Kremlin, Open-air stage beside the Kokuy Tower

June, 29 July, 20 August, 10, 2013

Jazz bands from Saint Petersburg, Moscow, the USA, Veliky Novgorod take part in the festival. In 2012 the festival took place for the second time and it’s going to be traditional during the following years.

Russian Kettles on Honey Spas3, Desyatinny Monastery, Veliky NovgorodAugust, 14, 2013The amazing event “Russian kettles” is dedicated to Orthodox holiday Savior of the Honey Feast Day. The holiday “Russian kettles” on Savior of the Honey Feast Day is a fascinating program for the whole family – meeting with traditions of Russian tea party, immersion into history and traditions of Savior of the Honey Feast Day, the atmosphere of cozy home tea party, great opportunity to learn the history of Novgorod porcelain.
Veche Historical Films Festival Rossiya Cinema Centre, 66, Chernyahovskogo St.October, 2013During the festival documentaries and feature films about Russian history  are shown. The films are by Russian directors. The audience meet Russian actors and critics. The honorary president of the festival is Svetlana Druzhinina.
II International Gourmet Festival Veliky Novgorod

The restaurants of Veliky Novgorod

November, 14 - 17 or September, 2013

We invite you to enjoy the delicious holiday at-mosphere! It will be a celebration of cooking! Different cultures, traditions and tastes will meet on ancient Novgorod land.
The program includes days of national cuisine of the participating countries, workshops and national drinks tasting.

XVII International Chamber Perfor-mances Festival based on  Fedor Dostoyevsky's Works

Academic Drama Theatre Named After Fedor Dostoyevsky(Veliky Novgorod); House-museum of Dostoevsky F.M. (Staraya Russa, Novgorod region)

November or November, 7 - 12, 2013

The festival is held since 1992 and its aim is the exchange of stage presentation expe-riences and interpretation of the literary heritage of the great Russian writer.
The program includes performances of chamber music theaters from Russia, near and far abroad, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Veliky Novgorod, Penza, Finland, Germany, Ukraine.

 Teatralnoye Veche International Theatre Festival Academic Drama Theatre Named After Fedor DostoyevskyDecember, 2013

The program of the festival unites theatre groups from different parts of Russia and other countries.

The program includes open public debate about performances, specialized art history seminars for the professionals of the industry and art faculties  students. 

A Christmas Souvenir WorkshopThe exposition hall of the Porcelain Museum, 6, Desyatinny MonasteryDecember, 2013A unique opportunity to make a great Christmas or new year gift with your own hands. During the workshop guests paint a porcelain plate, put a mark on it and take the plates with them.
Nikolsky Torg Regional Folk Arts And Crafts Trade FairNovgorod Regional Folk Art Centre, 14, Bredova-Zverinaya St.

December, 14 - 15, 2013

Craftspeople from Veliky Novgorod and the Novgorod region will present their handmade goods and artworks, including New Year symbols and gifts. Guests will also enjoy our special cultural programme.
New Year’s Night in Veliky NovgorodSophiyskaya square, hotels, restaurants and clubs of Veliky Novgorod

December, 31 2013

 Folk Festival on Sofiyskaya square with perfomances by the best ensembles of Veliky Novgorod. New Year entertaiments, games, competitions and round dancing.
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