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Cultural life and leisure in Veliky Novgorod


At all seasons of the year Veliky Novgorod welcomes guests with marry-making, fun, amusement and interesting events. Here festivals of folklore and crafts, children's theatres and national culture, the Cossack choruses and military-historical clubs, a bell holiday, motor rally take place. In spring pupils and students from ancient Russian and foreign cities gather for the piano contest named after Rakhmaninov S.V. and in autumn professional bell ringers and church choruses invite connoisseurs of a sacred music to the real spiritual art holiday.

During festivals the city blooms up completely - frosty Christmas, Shrove-tide, warmed by the sun, pancakes and heady medovoukha (honey ale) and first summer festival Sadko, where you can see real old-Russian folklore, communicate with carriers of traditions of the Novgorod region, weave a basket from withe and even try to weave a rug or decorate a linen towel with an embroidery. And in the midsummer we advise you to go to the Ilmen-lake bank, where Ivan Kupala Day is celebrated on a July night, 6, being a quaintly mixture of principles of Christian Russia and ancient customs of Pagan Russia.

Numerous folk music groups are also popular with local residents and visitors. They do not only take an active part in festive actions, but also present you performances on demand that allows you to get acquainted with folk Russian music, to take pleasure in beauty of pagan and orthodox ceremonies.

In Veliky Novgorod the future of tourist industry is considered to be with event-trigger tourism. That's why they keep thinking out new colorful enthralling holidays.

Kinder Quest Children Entertainment Center
The first entertaining questroom for children in Veliky Novgorod invites to celebrate the birthday of your wonderful children or just have a good time!
Regional Philharmonic Concert Hall
Every year Philharmonic Concert Hall holds music festivals, ten-day art festivals, namely: Christmas Gifts Festival, Russian Music Festival, Easter Festival and others.
Drama Theatre
Actors and actresses of the theatre compine experience, creativeness and enthusiasm and keep succeeding in artistic development and are never satisfied with what has already been achieved.
Theatre for Children and the Youth Maly
The theater has brilliantly presented over 60 performances of the well-known Russian and foreign playwrights and is a prizewinner of all-Russian and International contests.
Alexander Varentsov’s Workshop of Realism Painting
The unique complex, combining two art-studios, in which modern artists implement their masterful ideas.
Novgorod Printing House Interactive Exhibition
In the old well-equipped workroom, you can study graphic techniques and create the works of art in technique of monotype, linocut, etching.
Center of Musical Antiquities
In the Center you can hear songs and folk-tunes of Novgorod, Pskov, Arkhangelsk, Vologda and other regions, learn to make gusli and traditional clothes, get advices on many crafts.
Dialog, Cultural, Art and Public Initiative Center

Cultural center collaborates with leading art galleries, artists and musicians.

Novgorod Contemporary Art Centre
The idea of the center is to show a viewer the most significant events in Russian art of the XX-XXI century.
Music Culture Center named after Sergei Rachmaninoff
The purpose of the Music Culture Center is promotion of the creative heritage of Sergei Rachmaninoff.
The Novgorod Kremlin Park
The Novgorod Kremlin Park is a wonderful place for all kinds of interesting active family leisure.
Cinema Center Rossiya
The repertory of the Cinema Center includes world and Russian premieres, the great variety of the world cinematograph.
Novgorod Regional Folk Art Centre
The centre keeps national art traditions, holds expositions of arts and crafts and organizes trade festivals and holidays.
The Association of People's Creative Initiatives
We arrange open-air worshops for residents and guests of the city to let them open their hearts and reveal their talants.
City Cultural Center Named After N.G. Vasiliyev
The center holds different kinds of cultural events. It is famous for its music festivals and friendly atmosphere.
Novgorod City Centre of Culture
The main organizer and performer of the city holidays and festivals: The Day of the City, New Year and calendar dates.
Chitay-Gorod Library

The Library consists of 4 departments: library for children, library for teenagers, library of world art culture and foreign languages, youth library.

Dmitry Balashov Cultural Fund
The Fund aims to promote the art of D.M. Balashov, publishes his works and also offers a number of interesting events.
Folklore Theatre Kudesy
The theatre keeps old Novgorodian traditions in its own unique way. It organizes Christmas holidays (Russian svyatki), Pancake Week (Maslenitsa) and other traditional events.
The School of Traditional Culture Paraskeva
The school has developed many traditional craft programmes, for example - quilting, stuffed-doll, clay toys programmes. It holds workshops on the history of Russian folk costumes of the Northern and other regions of Russia.
Artists Union of Russia in Veliky Novgorod
The union organizes theme and one-man exhibitions, reveals new talents, organizes open-air events. We also present the art of Veliky Novgorod in other countries.
Theatre of a hearing-impaired actor Gesture
The theater participated in many festivals in Russia and abroad. It seeks new talents and draws public attention to the problems of the challenged people. The actors there are students of special schools.
Novgorod ethnographical club of old-Russian traditional military culture Rhat
The members of the club Rhat are studying practically all life aspects of professional medieval warrior in Russia.
Art-project Theatre of Fire Falkor
The team works in the genre of the LED and fire show. It takes part in the city and regional events. Fire Theatre offers entertainment programs for various events.
City Brass Band
The repertoire of the orchestra includes classical music of well-known Russian and foreign composers, dance music, music for children of school and pre-school age and classical jazz music.
The Senior Concert Choir of the Children’s Choral Capella of Veliky Novgorod
The ensemble performs the best works of the Renaissance, West European and Russian sacred music, national songs along with the works of classical jazz and popular music of the 20th century.
Orchestra of Russian Folk Instruments named after V.G. Babanov
The quite young team has already earned respect in the city. Concert repertoire includes works of Sergei Rachmaninoff, Anton Arensky, Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov.
Frigate Flagman Night Club Night Club
Our main goal is to make quality recreation accessible! Price politics is built according to the city level of life.
Lepota Moulding Craft Room
Activity centre for children Vykrutasy
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